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Horizon Wigwam Group

This was formerly the Staines-upon-Thames Wigwam group and is now run online on the 2nd Monday of the month at 17.45 for 90 minutes.

Heather and Tony write: “Our Wigwam Group started in October 2018, initially in our house in Staines, but at the onset of the pandemic we moved it online using Zoom.  That is where it will stay as we have now moved to Cornwall but still wish to stay linked up with our lovely group. Essentially there are three elements to our meetings:

  • ​Check-in and sharing.  Bringing the group up to date with where we are including treatment, discussing any concerns, sharing experiences and the decisions we took and why.  Providing mutual support; (ii) Research. We did a lot of research during Heather’s cancer and have progressively distilled that into a series of guides, slide decks and links to Yes to Life and other sources addressing the risk factors associated with cancer and options to reduce risk of getting it and improving chances of recovery and survival. NB: we do not provide advice. At each meeting we will deal with a pre-selected topic presenting what we’ve identified and are doing and inviting attendees to share what they’ve found.  Latterly other attendees have been prepared to take the lead on topics. This results in new or updates to our guides in an online resources directory that all attendees have access to.  We run occasional surveys to identify actions attendees have taken and benefits gained.
  • Meditation. We always end with a meditation and include some guided meditations in the on-line resources pack. In addition, our Yes to Life Wigwam attendees get free admission to Heather’s weekly 45 minute meditation Zoom class at 12:00 on Mondays.
  • We welcome new members. We link the PC to a wide screen TV.  A 5 by 4 matrix is the comfortable maximum so that we can clearly see everyone ie 19 plus of us”. ​Heather has 20 years’ experience as a Yoga therapist and life coach with a background in nutrition.  Tony has a background in research and business analysis.  Both are meditation and mindfulness teachers. ​Tony and Heather are our fantastic Yes to Life Wigwam Ambassadors who have been at the Yes to Life conferences, created resources for groups to use and supported others starting out.

Last Updated:17/05/2023
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