Volunteer with us

Everyone has different reasons for volunteering. These range from having the opportunity to undertake activities that would help them learn more about something they are passionate about or simply wanting to give something back. We offer all volunteers the opportunity to share their reasons for volunteering so that, where possible, we are able to meet their aspirations.

Campaign for us

Want to help spread the message about Integrative Medicine?Whether you are someone who has used both conventional and complementary and alternative or lifestyle medicine or are a practitioner who supports people taking an integrative approach help us get the message out there. It might be just advising people in your practice about Yes to Life; signposting them to buy The Cancer Revolution or speaking to people on our behalf.

Fundraise for us

There are lots of ways that you can help support our work, whether attending one of our many events, organising your own fundraising on our behalf, getting your employer involved or setting up a regular donation from as little as £5 per month to falling 10,000 feet from a plane, taking on an endurance event or getting together with friends - there are simly 100's of ways to support us.

Start a Wigwam

Wigwam is a cancer support group with a difference. It is a community of people living with cancer coming together to explore and share information and experiences with the aim of empowering them to gain control over their lives.  A place for people to meet locally.  A place of safety and care, which is flexible and supportive, to meet others sharing similar issues and to learn about Integrative Medicine.