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Natural Wellness Every Day

28 Mar 2022

We are Nature. We are cyclical, seasonal beings. We instinctively respond to what surrounds us. You will know in yourself that you feel very different during the depths of a cold and dark winter in comparison to the light and warmth of summer, but perhaps, up until this point, you haven’t really considered how you can adjust your daily lifestyle choices to take these feelings into account, how to go with the natural flow? How to find a natural balance to your wellness.

Wellness is not the absence of disease, but the daily activity of finding a middle ground and the support that you give your body during times of seasonal transition or change, should be adapted accordingly. Our wellness is the alternation between the polarities in life; between waking and sleeping, working, and relaxing, the outside and the inside, the capacity of breaking things down and building things up. The more easily we can self-regulate and find balance between such polarities, the more ‘well’ we are likely to feel. Wellness is a state that is never static, but is instead forever changing, adapting, and responding.

We feel privileged that this much loved and respected successful company are taking the time to share their knowledge on the subject Natural Wellness through reconnecting with nature. Evelyn Liddell, Pharmacist and Homeopath at Weleda and Karen Mellers, Founder of the Weleda Wellbeing Advisor Network will be joining us for this event.

Weleda is a purpose-led business and has been since 1921. For the past 100 years they have built the path that many others have followed – creating natural, organic, life-enhancing products to ‘support the unfolding of health and beauty in the individual, through working in harmony with nature and the human being’ And from humble beginnings in a small pharmacy in Arlesheim, Switzerland, Weleda is now a globally recognised brand, founded upon sustainable business practices.

In 2022 Weleda UK has published their first book titles ‘Natural Wellness Every Day’ where they share seasonal healthcare programmes to support your wellbeing throughout the year, as well as natural solutions to common health complaints such as cold and flu symptoms, allergies, mobility and gut health, and also nutritional advice to help you to attune your health choices to the seasons thus supporting your balance and wellbeing.

Evelyn Liddell has been a pharmacist and homeopath for over 20 years and follows a practical and holistic approach to illness and wellness. Making Weleda wellness options more accessible and sharing knowledge in a balanced interesting and engaging way is Evelyn’s goal.

Karen Mellers has worked with Weleda UK for the last 10 years founding and creating the Weleda Wellbeing Advisor Network of 500 people across the UK who are highly trained to give wellness advice and care to their local communities. Karen’s also a certified Nutritional Therapist, Feminine Leadership and Wellness Coach and hosts Wellness retreats through a collaboration with Derbyshire based retreat company Secret Warriors.

Don’t forget that there will be a chance to ask questions from these two highly knowledgable speakers.