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Introducing ‘Yes to Life Charter for Oncology’

10 Apr 2024

Help us Implement the ‘Yes to Life Charter for Oncology’ in all UK NHS Cancer Units

As firm believers that every individual diagnosed with cancer deserves not only the best medical treatments but also unwavering empathy and support, at Yes to Life we are advocating for the implementation of the ‘Yes to Life Charter for Oncology’. This charter seeks to redefine standards of care in oncology, aiming to bring an inspirational vision for the evolution of relationships between oncology professionals and patients.

In a world where healthcare is often seen as a delicate balance between science and compassion, this charter could serve as a beacon. People diagnosed with cancer are not just statistics; they are individuals who need both scientific expertise and compassionate care.

The ‘Yes to Life Charter for Oncology’ is grounded in this understanding. It aims at ensuring that each patient receives personalised care tailored not only towards their physical health but also their emotional well-being. By implementing this charter across all UK NHS Cancer Units, we can ensure that everyone unfortunate enough to receive a diagnosis of cancer will be treated with dignity, respect, and comprehensive support.

Please join us in calling on all UK NHS Cancer Units to implement the ‘Yes to Life Charter for Oncology’. Sign this petition today here:

Read more about the Charter here: