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New partnership with Pulse Insurance.

12 Jan 2024

Pulse is delighted to be partnering with Yes to Life to provide life and protection and travel insurance.

Torquil McLusky, Pulse’s Managing Director, said, “We are really happy to be supporting Yes to Life.  They do an amazing job and help a huge number of people.  Their helpline is really effective and the new Wigwam support groups are a great example of really practical help.”

Pulse Insurance was established in 1998 and ever since they have been helping insure people who are declined Life Insurance and cover by other insurers.

It is not always possible to find cover for every life, but Pulse like to think if cover is available, they will find a solution.

  • For travel insurance, we can usually help as long as you are not travelling against doctor’s advice or are not actually undergoing chemo when travelling.
  • For life insurance we would expect cancer patients to be in remission / treatment completed and no significant investigations in respect of initial or primary diagnosis outstanding.
  • Areas we have found that we can provide more realistic / affordable terms include earlier stage breast and prostate cancers, once 2 to 3 years post diagnosis.

For questions about Pulse and for more details generally please visit Pulse’s website: 

Or contact one of the team on:

Telephone:   01280 841430      E-mail:

Pulse Insurance is an award winning specialist insurance business that offers life and protection products to intermediaries and direct to consumers. It specialises in innovative and bespoke cover often not available in the standard market and provides cover to both individuals and groups.

Pulse Insurance Limited is authorised by the FCA (FRN 308626) and is an approved Coverholder at Lloyd’s.

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