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South Pole Expedition Update

21 Jan 2022

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The amazing father and daughter team Mark & Leanna Shuttleworth have made it to the South Pole in support of Yes to Life! Mark’s wife Jenny recently relied heavily on Integrative Medicine to get her through cancer, and this has been their family’s way of showing support and appreciation for the ways in which IM has made a huge difference in supporting Jenny through treatment and back to health.
Mark writes: “After 57 days, 1,130km, 2,830m altitude gain and many doubts, aches and pains later we have finally made it! “
He goes on to say:
In reaching the South Pole:
1- Leanna and I have become the first father/daughter team to complete the Hercules Inlet route and the first to reach to Pole from any West Atlantic coastal starting point
2- I have now completed the Explorers Grand Slam – the North Pole, South Pole and the Seven Summits (the tallest mountain on each of the seven continents) and become one of only around 150 people to have accomplished this
3- Our team become 4 of just 6 people to reach the pole from the coast this season
4- Most importantly, I have officially retired from expeditions
Read Mark’s post here:
An extraordinary achievement!
And on top of all that, they have raised more than £10,000 inc Gift Aid… so far. There’s still time to add to that if you’d like to donate!