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Yes to Life’s New Book: Kitchen Cancer Talks

10 May 2023

Kitchen Cancer Talks

Shared Stories, Same Experiences, with foreword from Patricia Peat

“I’m really pleased to see some of the excellent material contributed over time to the Yes to Life Blog by a range of leading authorities on IM for cancer collected together and repurposed into book format.

These posts are simply too valuable to pass by as ephemera. The quality of the writing is consistently high, and the sheer breadth of the content results in an inspirational resource that you can dip into at any time. Open up anywhere and you are likely to be led into territory you’ve not explored, and to have new avenues to health and wellbeing open up.

I’d like to take this opportunity to give a personal message of thanks to all the contributors who have been, and continue to be, so generous with their time and expertise, writing articles for Yes to Life to distribute to the public. This is an important channel of trustworthy and reliable information on Integrative Medicine and lifestyle choices, information for which there is an ever-growing need, as the public toll of cancer relentlessly continues to grow.

I hope you find this new collection enjoyable, and above all, useful in supporting you in becoming empowered to make informed choices about your cancer care.”

Robin Daly, Founder & Chairman, Yes to Life

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