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Aga Kehinde
Aga Kehinde
Medical Supporter

Health Empowerment Coach, Cancer Specialist Nurse, Cancer Educator 

Aga specialises in oncology and oncology research, and has been working as a cancer educator and clinical nurse specialist for over 23 years. Areas she focuses on include trauma-sensitive cancer coaching, prehabilitation and rehabilitation, and integrative oncology, supporting clients with cancer, anxiety, post traumatic stress and burn out, amongst other conditions.

Aga bring multiple skills in coaching, NLP, EFT and nursing together to offer people with cancer, their carers and families a safe space in which they are gently steered to reconnect with their natural skills for self-management, resilience and self-reliance – all the inherited skills and capabilities that we often get disconnected from when a medical diagnosis is given to us.

She partners up with her clients to provide a safe space to have the difficult conversations, remove unwanted behaviours, overcome fears and anxieties, and to build confidence and self-reliance. She will equip you with tools for health optimisation, grounding and learning, all aligned and in support with other treatment and health management plans.

“I wholeheartedly support the Yes to Life charity and organisation. Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be one of the most challenging, confusing and frightening events in our lives, yet with the right support, resources and community,  it may be possible to overcome the challenges in most gentle and empowering way. As a clinical nurse, I also feel the integrative approach allows healthcare professionals to expand our knowledge and reconnect, to become fully holistic in our approach and mindset. Organisations like Yes to Life brings so much more than information – it is a community of like-minded people who really believe in the power of the human being and their ability to ‘grow through adversity’.  I am super-proud to be part of it.”

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