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Bobby Sira
Bobby Sira
Pharmacist/Integrative Practitioner
Medical Supporter

Clinical Pharmacist, Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy and Life & Wellness Coach

Having worked in Pharmacy and the Development of Services for patients both in the NHS and private sectors for over 20 years, the more Bobby treated people with conventional medicine, the more he observed the reliance on drugs and the decline in responsibility for one’s own health.

In 2016 he founded PharmAveda UK where he integrates his extensive experience in healthcare and the NHS with the wholistic medicine knowledge of Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy & Life Coaching. He believes that our bodies and minds have been over-saturated by the notion of a ‘pill to fix it’, and has an intuitive insight on how to guide people to re-balance, rethink, and re-evaluate their responsibility to living. 

Bobby is passionate about Individualised Integrative Healthcare; knowing that the impact of time on our fluctuating life and health is what Ayurveda’s Lifestyle Medicine inimitably prepares us to approach with resilience and equanimity. He provides an instinctive approach of aligning rhythms and systems invoking self-discovery while motivating agency through personalised prescriptions of routine, diet, herbs and conventional medicine. 

“I support and sincerely believe in Yes to Life as a charity that empowers informed decisions along the cancer journey; providing knowledge, experience and evidence that can fundamentally change and inspire living through and beyond a diagnosis. Integration is the golden key to unlock the door of potential, and the wealth of information and support the charity provides to make this possible is extraordinary.”

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