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Dr Adeel Khan
Dr Adeel Khan
Medical Supporter

Dr. Adeel Khan, M.D., stands at the forefront of modern medicine, with a visionary approach that is changing the way we perceive healthcare. As a Canadian Board Certified Physician, Dr. Khan has carved a unique path in the field, cementing his reputation as a regenerative medicine expert, a driven entrepreneur, and a dedicated advocate for science-based bodybuilding.

Recognised worldwide, Dr. Khan’s impact resonates among healthcare professionals, elite athletes, and individuals from diverse walks of life. His groundbreaking treatments have earned him the trust of renowned figures, including life coach Tony Robbins, Chris Bumstead (popularly known as “cbum,” a top fitness influencer), and even Mohamed Alabbar, the visionary developer behind the iconic Burj Khalifa. Dr. Khan achieves these remarkable results through innovative therapies, particularly stem cell treatments and anti-aging procedures, pushing the boundaries of medical science.

“I support Yes to Life charity as they are lending a strong hand to people battling cancer, which can often be a very isolating experience. They are providing concrete options when it comes to treatments, programs, therapies and more. Most importantly, they are providing a community.”

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