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Dr Aryan Tavakkoli
Dr Aryan Tavakkoli
Integrative Doctor
Medical Supporter


Dr Tavakkoli is a consultant physician and specialist in respiratory medicine, with over 25 years’ experience in hospital medicine. She is the Medical Director of Quantum Clinic in East Sussex, providing support to people with cancer by integrating evidence-based lifestyle advice with complementary therapies alongside standard care.

“Receiving a cancer diagnosis is a very confusing and frightening time for most people and their families. It is easy to become lost within the minefield of information, tests and procedures, and many people find that important questions are often not addressed within standard NHS consultations. Questions such as: What can I do to improve my chances of surviving cancer? Does my diet make a difference? Is there anything I can do myself to improve the efficacy of my cancer treatment?

That is why Yes to Life is such a strong resource, providing considerable support to patients and their families at a time when they need it most – an organisation that provides information within a safe, evidence-informed and professional setting, helping people to make well-informed decisions that can improve their quality of life and achieve the best outcome possible.”

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