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Dr Jenny Goodman
Dr Jenny Goodman
Medical Supporter

 Jenny Goodman is a medical doctor, author, lecturer and broadcaster, living in London. Disillusioned with conventional medicine’s inability to heal sick people, and its failure to enquire about the causes of illness or to do preventive healthcare, she left. In the 1990s she was lucky enough to discover the British Society for Ecological Medicine, a group of doctors and other practitioners who practise nutritional and environmental medicine. They were asking the same questions that had gone unanswered for her throughout medical school. And they were finding answers, helping their patients to attain dramatically better health through changes in diet and nutrition, and through detoxification.

She has been practising Ecological Medicine for 22 years now, with a special interest in fertility, pre-conception care and working with children. She is continually seeing the devastating effects of pollution upon people’s health and is excited to be able to use her knowledge of biochemistry to remove these environmental toxins from their bodies, make them better, and teach them how to avoid such contamination in the future.

“Yes to Life is just what you need if you’ve had a cancer diagnosis. This organisation doesn’t just hold your hand, it points you towards all the radical, innovative and little-known ways you can help yourself and preserve your health, in the company of others on the same life-affirming journey.”

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