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Dr Siegfried Trefzer
Dr Siegfried Trefzer
Integrative Doctor
Medical Supporter

Dr Trefzer is an Integrated Medicine physician who works as an Associate Specialist for the NHS. He is also Medical Director for Hightree Clinic in East Sussex, providing diagnosis and treatment for patients with chronic illnesses, a large proportion of whom are cancer patients. He and his team have specialised in providing an integrative approach, combining mainstream medicine with complementary therapies. The aim is to increase effectiveness by including empirically-founded as well as research-based methods of treatment which are safe to combine within an individualised care approach.

“I have known Yes to Life for many years and have witnessed the steady growth of its purpose and quality of service within the sector of Integrative Oncology. In a unique way, it provides a support hub and education for patients with cancer faced by the dilemma of making vital decisions when information is lacking, and when some of the existing care networks require coordination. Many patients I have come across felt more motivated in making necessary lifestyle changes, and found new hope and easier access to quality care when using Yes to Life as a resource and for guidance. Also many practitioners have gained additional experience, knowledge and confidence working with Yes to Life.”

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