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Mark Bennett
Mark Bennett
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Medical Supporter

Mark is a functionally trained and qualified Nutritional Therapist, having achieved a first class honours nutritional therapy science degree. Functional medicine looks at the body as a whole and is focussed on identifying the causes of chronic disease rather than symptomatic relief. By intelligently identifying the root cause of symptoms and disease, targeted and individually tailored dietary and lifestyle interventions can be recommended to help the client achieve their health goals. Mark is a member of the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT), the Complementary and Natural Health Care Council (CNHC), as well as being a registered Certified Gluten Practitioner and Nutrigenetic Counsellor. Mark runs a private clinic near Reading in Berkshire. Areas of specialism are cancer support, autoimmunity, chronic fatigue/ME and dementia. Mark regularly speaks at well being and lifestyle events and provides content for various online and real world publications/channels.

“Yes to Life is an invaluable resource for those presenting with cancer who wish to apply a more integrated complementary approach to managing their condition, providing access to first class advice and support.”

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