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Sarah Newman
Sarah Newman
Scientific & Medical Panel
Oncology Exercise Lead

BSc (Hons), CPT (exercise oncology specialist), member of CIMSPA


Sarah is a leading Cancer & Exercise Professional and Fitness Influencer in the UK, specialising in breast and gynae cancers. She founded her company Get Me Back to offer specialist fitness training after her own cancer diagnosis in 2018. She works with women all over the world to support them before, during and after their cancer treatment.

Sarah became a specialist cancer fitness trainer after experiencing first-hand the benefits that exercise had on her own cancer recovery. She founded Get Me Back in 2019 and has since created a growing and accessible community where women feel safe and empowered to exercise following their diagnosis.

In 2023, Sarah launched the UK’s first online fitness app run by specialist cancer trainers, just for women with cancer. Available online and via an app, Sarah hopes to help women across the UK and beyond to safely rebuild fitness and strength after cancer. She aims to provide clear and specialist advice for those in need, offering a positive place to share experiences, regain body confidence and strength.

“As a cancer survivor myself, I understand the importance of combining traditional medicine with lifestyle changes such as exercise, into a treatment plan. We know that exercise can reduce cancer recurrence, increase treatment efficacy, and reduce side effects, so raising awareness of these benefits is vitally important so that more people living with and beyond cancer can benefit. Yes to Life is a real advocate for complementary therapies such as exercise, so I hope together we can offer clearer guidance to those going through a cancer diagnosis about using exercise alongside their treatment.”

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