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Cellworks Precision Medicine

Dr Michael Castro is a medical doctor and neuro-oncologist. With an in-depth knowledge of molecular oncology, targeted therapy and immune-oncology, Dr Castro specialises in using tailor-made treatments for cancer patients, and runs Cellworks Precision Medicine where the mission is to serve patients through advances in personalised medicine that significantly improve treatment success.

Cellworks VenturaTM reports provide personalised therapy response predictions to combinations of FDA-approved drugs, including off-label drugs, for refractory patients.

The Cellworks Platform runs exhaustive combinations of drugs from Cellworks drug library to rank the most efficacious treatments for a patient.

This provides physicians treatment options beyond standard care for treatment-refractory patients, for whom there is little guidance on treatment.


Repurposed (off-label) drugs for cancer
Personalised medicine

Last Updated:24/09/2023
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Cellworks Precision Medicine U.S. Headquarters
611 Gateway Blvd. Suite 120, South San Francisco, CA 94080, USA
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Repurposed Drugs for Cancer
Non-standard options, such as off-label drugs, are available for improving treatment outcomes, reducing cancer risk, or managing side effects.

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