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Pacific Chiropractic and Research Center Infrared Imaging

The Pacific Chiropractic and Research Center is a chiropractic care facility which provides comprehensive thermal imaging services. The founder and clinical director, Dr. Amalu, is a board certified thermologist and works in consultation with William Hobbins MD of Thermal Image Analysis Inc. Dr. Amalu currently provides thermogram interpreting services for many imaging centers worldwide.
Breast Thermography.
[wp_simple_locator_map post="4090" additionalfields="hide"]Address: 21 Middlefield Road
Address line 2:
City: Redwood
State: California
Zip: 94063
Country: United States
Phone: +1 650 361 8908
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Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging detects minute variations in the body's normal blood vessel activity, finding thermal signs which may suggest a pre-cancerous state of the breast or the presence of an early tumour that is not large enough to be detected by other means. It is painless, non-invasive, non-contact, comf... Read More