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Paracelsus Klinik

Paracelsus Clinic, Centre for Biological-Integrative Medicine and Dentistry in Switzerland was established in 1958. The Lustmuhle clinic treats both chronic and degenerative disease and cancer, using a large, sophisticated range of conventional and scientifically validated naturopathic and biological approaches. Different alternative therapies are combined and complemented by some of the principals of conventional medicine to find and treat the root cause of the illness.

Paracelsus has been practicing Biological Medicine for over 50 years in its comprehensive wellness centre located just east of Zurich. Patients can find the support their bodies need to detoxify, strengthen their digestion, and build a healthy immune system, all cornerstones to maximising healing and maintaining health. Biological Medicine isn’t just for those battling a chronic illness. Paracelsus has many programmes aimed at prevention and ageing well. Dr. Thomas Rau, M.D is the Chief Medical Director and is the founder of Paracelsus Biological Medicine.


The clinic treats most chronic illnesses and especially has success with those listed below:

Cancer; Autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis or thyroid disorders; Infectious diseases like Lyme disease; Coronary heart disease, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure; Digestive disorders like IBS, ulcerative colitis, and Crohn’s disease; Fibromyalgia; Chronic fatigue syndrome; Allergies and asthma Individually tailored treatments for malignant and non-malignant tumors are available.

Successful treatment of cancers of the prostate, breast, colon, lung, bladder, also with malignant tumors of the blood and lymphatic system (malignant lymphoma, chronic leukemia, polycythemia, thrombocytosis).


SANUM Therapy (Prof. Enderlein), Darkfield microscopy, Neural Therapy, Hyperthermia, Oncotherm, Infusion/Oxyven/Ozone Therapy, Paracelsus Nutrition Programme, Mistletoe, Immunobiological Preparations, Paracelsus Organextractcells (OCE)

Last Updated:24/04/2021
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    Paracelsus Klinik Lustmühle AG
    Battenhusstrasse 12, CH-9062 , Switzerland

    +41 71 335 7171
    Therapies provided by this provider:

    Hyperthermia is the application of concentrated therapeutic heat to treat cancer.

    Full Details

    Mistletoe Therapy
    Mistletoe therapy was developed as an adjunct to cancer treatment in Switzerland in 1917-20, in the collaboration between Dr I Wegman MD and Dr Rudolf Steiner PhD (1861-1925).

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    Oxygen Therapy
    Oxygen therapy introduces substances into the body that are supposed to release oxygen.

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    Nutritional Therapy
    Nutritional therapists seek to ensure you are well nourished by your diet, and that you are fully absorbing and utilising the nutrients it provides.

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