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10 Things You Can Do to Help Your Healing
Date: 26 Jul 2021
More about Fiona
Fiona practises in Bristol UK, offering Skype, telephone and face-to-face consultations. She graduated from the College of Phytotherapy in 1992 and has been a practising herbalist ever since.
Passionate about life, Fiona delights in supporting people to connect to their natural vitality, healing- potential and joy.   She combines her strong intuition with a scientific understanding of the physiology of the body and chemistry of herbs that she both grows and sources from trusted suppliers. EFT (or Tapping) , Matrix reimprinting and PSYCH-K enable Fiona to support her clients to understand and clear the emotional root causes of disease and then replace limiting beliefs with life-affirming ones. Her thirst for knowledge and understanding causes her to constantly seek life new ways to help people.
Fiona has a particular interest in health and transformation, having herself completely recovered twice from terminal cancer, both as a child when she had sarcoma and leukaemia  and again as an adult when she had metastasised cervix cancer which had gone to the ovaries and brain. She has been cancer-free since 2008.
To connect with Fiona, visit her website and her popular Facebook page: Cancerucan Blog:
Fiona Shakeela-Burns
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