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Cancer Treatments – from Research to Application

Daniel Stanciu, PhD is not a medical doctor but as a scientist (not medical related but with a PhD in Physics), he has a long standing research experience that helped him in getting through the large amount of information available on the web in a short time when his wife and his mother had cancer.

The information and potential treatments he gathered over this period have been collected on this website and they’re selected based on the following criteria:

– there is enough published scientific literature to support a potential anti-cancer effect for the specific treatment
– there are already published case reports indicating positive results in humans using the specific treatment approach
– the treatments can be accessible and have no or manageable side effects
– ideally there are also anecdotal reports on successes in humans when using that specific treatment approach

The information shared on his website is related to understanding cancer mechanism, the drugs and supplements to modulate that, and how those can be applied alone or in combination with conventional treatments to increase the chance of a successful outcome.

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Last Updated:16/07/2022