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Playing the Battle of the Belly encourages you and your children to make healthy choices when eating.  It recognises that we can eat food that harm or heal and the choices we make have a direct impact on our health.

The Battle of the Belly is a challenge where the objective is to knock out the bad gut bacteria by replacing them with good gut bacteria, ‘goodies’.

The Candodo School Programme featuring The Battle of the Belly Challenge is a fun and engaging way to teach children essential life skills around the topic of Food and Nutrition. Using the colourful characters introduced as Phyto Friendschildren can start to learn about the special Phyto Powers that these foods have, and the affect on their health, and the challenges around eating too much processed food.

Each lesson builds up knowledge in two important areas.

  • The Microbiome : understanding its role and impact on our health
  • Eat The Rainbow : an easy to understand way to incorporate more diversity into what we eat
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Last Updated:14/01/2022