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Collaborative on Health and the Environment

CHE is focused on how environmental risks can impact human health. By informing and connecting affected and interested groups, CHE hopes to build a groundswell of demand for prevention-focused behaviours and policies, as well as economic and legal structures that protect public health.

Their mission is to create a world where all people live free from environmental risks that harm human health. Through webinars, Scienceservs, partnerships, Toxicant and Disease Database and publications, CHE cultivates a learning community to share environmental health knowledge and resources, and improve individual and collective health.

CHE offers multiple monthly webinars that feature leading researchers and advocates discussing the latest environmental health science.

Because Health
CHE recently launched a new environmental health educational website called With a focus on making scientific based evidence approachable and actionable, Because Health makes environmental health more accessible. Because Health brings you everything you need to know about how the places we live, work, and play impact our health. Through a combination of science-based tips, guides, and expert advice, it’s Because Health’s mission to show people simple ways to create a healthier future for themselves and their communities.

Science Servs
More than 2400 researchers, policy makers, health advocates, and interested individuals participate in CHE’s topical listservs where informed conversations occur about environmental links to a range of diseases and disabilities and actions being taken to address these concerns.

Toxicant and Disease Database
The CHE Toxicant and Disease Database is a searchable database that summarizes links between chemical contaminants and approximately 180 human diseases or conditions. Diseases and or toxicants can be viewed by utilizing the search options below.

Publications produced either wholly or partly by CHE are listed by type of publication. For lists of publications by topic, please visit the topic pages on their website and look for CHE Publications in the sidebar.

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Last Updated:16/08/2022