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Integrative Palliative Institute

Dr Delia Chiaramonte, founder of Integrative Palliative Institute, provides clinician education and mentoring, patient education and serious illness coaching for family members of people with serious illness.

Dr Chiaramonte is a Board Certified Palliative Medicine physician with expertise in integrative palliative medicine, integrative oncology, medical education and physician wellbeing.

The Integrative Palliative Approach has a focus on

  • Relieving physical, emotional and spiritual suffering
  • Evidence-informed use of complementary treatments, such as acupuncture, guided imagery and massage
  • Skilled and thoughtful use of medications for pain, nausea, fatigue, GI distress, depression, anxiety, stress and difficult family communication
  • Advanced counseling skills such as positive psychology and mindfulness
  • Commitment to physician wellbeing and healthcare provider wellbeing

Dr Chiaramonte also hosts a podcast helping physicians guide families facing serious illness to physical and emotional wellbeing.

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Last Updated:14/01/2023