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Your Life and Cancer
Show #280 - Date: 18 Oct 2020

References from the show:

Prof Robert Thomas, CancerNet UK
Dr Marie Polley, Society for Integrative Oncology
Your Life and Cancer, lifestyle medicine, oncology, integrative medicine

Dr Catherine Zollman, Penny Brohn UK
Patricia Peat, Cancer Options

Kirsten Chick, Nutrition Brought to Life
Toral Shah, Nutritional Scientist, Functional Medicine Practitioner
Food, diet, nutrition, functional medicine

Dr Carol Granger
Miquel Toribia-Mateas
Gut microbiome, good microbes in food, fermented foods, live food, prebiotic, probiotic, kefir

Dr Dani Gordon, Medical Doctor & integrative medicine certified practitioner
Dr Sally Moorcroft, Medical Doctor, Functional and Integrative Medicine
Supplements, fish oils, algae oil

Dr Lise Alschuler, Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine
Dr Katherine Zollman
Integrative medicine

Sophie Sabbage, The Cancer Whisperer
Mind Body Connection

Prof Robert Thomas, CancerNet UK
Lizzy Davis, Cancer Exercise
Cancer and exercise

Dr Lauren McDonald
Dr Katherine Zollman
Biology of stress

Dr Nina Fuller-Shavel, Functional and Integrative Medicine doctor
Jo Gamble, Integrative Medicine for Cancer
Testing, Lab Tests

Sarah Davenport, Reboot Health
Dr Jenny Goodman, Staying Alive in Toxic Times
Environmental toxins, heavy metals

Prof Linda Carlson, Mindfulness-based Cancer Recovery’
Clare McLusky, Mindfulness Teacher

Prof Donald Abrams, Osher Center for Integrative Medicine
Prof Robert Thomas, CancerNet UK
Cannabinoids, CBD

Tara Flanagan, The Radical Remission Project

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