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Sometimes I forget, but mostly I remember

13 Dec 2022

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Sometimes I forget, but mostly I remember

A poem by Julie Foubister

Sometimes I forget.
Sometimes I fall into darkness.
Sometimes there is only fear.
Sometimes I become too attached to all that isn’t now.
Sometimes I’ve felt like stepping off.
Sometimes in the past I’ve longed to go back to the place without breath.
Sometimes I feel all that is, somehow isn’t good enough.
But then I remember again…
I remember that we only know light in contrast to darkness.
I remember that right now is all that exists and right now is so beautiful in its simplicity.
I remember I am alive. I remember to breathe.
I remember that I create my reality in this moment.
I remember that I always have choice.
I remember that whilst I am alive there is always hope.
I remember what I’ve always known to be true; that this life is heaven on earth.
I remember that a transitory glimpse turns into a lingering moment.
I remember that it is all perspective.
I remember that I am not the circumstances or traumas.
I remember that life unfolds in the direction I choose to look in.
I remember to choose wisely.
I remember that I am the observer.
And then…

I remember that nothing can hurt me from this place.

Julie Foubister

Transformational Coach, specialising in Mindset, Meaning & Purpose and Resilience

If you would like more information on the Coaching Programme for those diagnosed with Cancer, please email Julie’s address is It’s being worked on, so it is only a landing page at the moment, but there is a sign up form on there for her programme etc.