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Soothing Terminal Cancer Back to Health – One Womans’ Story

17 Mar 2021

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When Julie Mason was diagnosed with Terminal Endometrial Cancer in 2016, she was always uncomfortable with the idea of fighting a disease which was essentially her own body crying out for help. She explains how the media is caught up in this whole concept of fighting cancer at a time when personal focus needs to be on healing as opposed to war.

With Lockdown causing so much stress amongst cancer patients, I decided that now was the perfect time to take a plunge into social media, going right outside of my comfort zone by recording videos. With depression on the rise as patients’ treatments and surgery are being delayed, I hope that Cancer Soothe will inspire people to take charge of their own healing as opposed to feeling powerless and falling into despair.

Cancer Soothe comprises of an expanding library of modules which explain the different aspects of my journey, such as taking charge for example – all the things that put me in the driving seat early on. Mindset is a huge part of what I want to share and these modules will put an emphasis on this.

Another really important part of my recovery was restoring my gut biome. I will talk about this in modules as well as posting videos of what meals I would make to grow strong and stave off cancer.

Along the way, I have met some wonderful experts, therapists, public speakers and healers with whom I am doing interviews, so as to raise awareness and share the massive skill bank out there.

Different modules/videos are being loaded every week, I do hope that Wigwam followers will subscribe to my channel and share with any friends who may be newly diagnosed during this challenging time.

At the end of the day, Cancer Soothe is essentially everything that I would have loved to have seen in the UK all those years back, with the added benefit of not having to pay for it!

Cancer Soothe can be found here:

More details of Julie’s healing journey can be found on Radical Remission’s website: