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Gerson Therapy

Probably the best known dietary approach to cancer treatment, Gerson is a demanding regime of immune boosting and detoxification through diet and enemas.


Gerson Therapy focuses on the role of minerals, enzymes, hormones and other dietary factors in restoring health and well being. It is a natural treatment that boosts your own immune system to heal itself.

Drinking glasses of freshly prepared juices daily, having a vegetarian diet of organically grown fruits and vegetables and eating whole grains are part of the daily regime. Coffee or chamomile enemas are recommended on a regular basis to detoxify the body. Various supplements and enzymes are modified to meet the specific needs of an individual patient.


Dr. Gerson’s Therapy became known in the 1930s as he was successful in treating a type of skin tuberculosis. He originally developed his diet to treat his own migraine headaches but then went on to use it with many other chronic and systemic diseases, including cancer. Gerson believed that cancer disturbed the body’s normal balance of sodium to potassium. This is usually already disturbed by today’s modern diet. His therapy called for foods low in sodium (salt) and yet high in potassium, vitamins A and C and oxidising enzymes. His priority was to eliminate the excess sodium in the body as this he believed was responsible for altering the cells’ chemistry and allowing cancerous tumours to grow.


Five-year survival rates of melanoma patients treated by diet therapy after the manner of Gerson: a retrospective review

Opinion piece critiquing “Living Proof” book:Living proof and the pseudo-science of alternative cancer treatments


Cautions: The Gerson regimen can be rigorous and difficult to follow. It’s important that if a patient with cachexia has chosen to follow this regimen, they are monitored for adequate protein intake and blood sugar control, which can be compromised by the intake of fruit juice.

Supplier of Gerson medications and literature: 01525 875739. Advice on Gerson Therapy: 001 619 685 5353 U.S 1-888-4GERSON. See other Gerson organisations listed in this directory.

The Gerson Institute – Founded in 1978, the Gerson Institute was created to spread awareness of the Gerson Therapy with a global source of information, licensing, training and patient support for treating the underlying causes of disease: toxicity and nutritional deficiency.


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Kathryn Alexander

Kathryn Alexander specialises in the field of detoxification and dietary healing, qualifying as a Dietary Therapist in 1987, having studied under Dr Lawrence Plaskett at the College of Dietary Therapy, London. ...
Dr Francisco Calvo
León, Spain

The Chronic Disease Clinic, established in 2003 by Dr. Calvo, treats chronic diseases by primarily using Gerson Therapy, individually tailoured to the patient’s condition and pathology. Treatment involves private consultation/s and workshops. ...
Dr Peter Gruenewald
London, UK

Dr Peter Gruenewald is an Integrated Physician and General Practitioner with a special interest in anthroposophic, homeopathic, herbal and functional medicine ...
Dr Charles Innes
Dr Charles Innes MBBS BSc (Hons) MNIMH MFHom RSHom is a London-based medical doctor, practicing complementary medicine, medical herbalism, homeopathy and healing ...
Dr Patrick Vickers

A comprehensive, home-based ADVANCED GERSON PROTOCOL is now available to patients by Dr Patrick Vickers ...
Dr Peter Wolf

Dr Peter Wolf is a medical doctor engaged in alternative cancer therapies via his clinic, Hyperthermia Centre Hannover ...
Advanced Gerson Protocol

Dr Patrick Vickers’ “Advanced Gerson Therapy” utilises the original Gerson Therapy, along with several other immunological therapies proven to stimulate the immune system ...
Dr Francisco Calvo Clinic
León, Spain

Treatments for chronic diseases: multiple autoimmune diseases, liver diseases, Hypothyroidism (Hashimoto‘s thyroiditis or Hashimoto’s disease) ...
Hyperthermia Centre Hannover

The Hyperthermia Centre in Hannover founded by Dr Peter Wolf and Dr Mohamed Ali Zayen, is a holistic outpatient clinic, focusing on detoxification, immune activation and regeneration. ...
London Integrated Health Clinic
London, UK

The London Integrated Health Clinic is a private hospital which offers personalised integrated health care based on conventional and complementary medicine ...
St Andrew's Clinic
Tijuana, Mexico

The Gerson Research Organization collaborates with the oncology practice of St Andrew’s Clinic to make effective cancer treatments available ...
Information & Advice
Cancer Information and Support Society (CISS)
St Leonards, Global (ie: web based)

CISS promotes non-toxic holistic medicine. The educational organisation promotes prevention, self-help and freedom of choice in therapies for cancer...
Cancer Options Ltd
Nottingham, Global (ie: web based)

Led by Patricia Peat, an experienced oncology nurse, Cancer Options offers support and information on orthodox treatments, clinical trials and developments worldwide. ...
Canhelp Inc
Livingstone, United States

CANHELP serves patients and/or family members who wish to take an active part in the healing process and are willing to think outside the conventional medical box ...
Gerson Institute (The)
The Gerson Institute provides a list of Licensed Gerson Clinics, Web-Based Certified Gerson Practitioners and Online Educational Courses ...
Gerson Research Organization
San Diego, United States

The Gerson Research Organization provides a detailed Cancer Diet, a home based protocol you can follow by yourself ...
Yes to Life
London, UK - England (South East)

Yes to Life is a charity that offers support to people with cancer in the UK who want to take a proactive role in their treatment ...
Gar Hildenbrand Alternatives
San Diego, United States

Gar Hildenbrand alternatives is a patient-advocacy function of the Gerson Research Organisation, a non-profit, public-benefit scientific research organisation. ...
Healing Naturally Ltd
UK - England (South East)

Healing Naturally offers specialist range products do not contain corn, wheat, gluten, starch or sugar and are suitable for the Gerson Therapy (Gerson Diet) ...
PURE Juicer
Seattle, USA

The PURE Juicer is officially approved and recommended for the Gerson Therapy by the Gerson Institute, and used in Gerson Clinics and Healing & Wellness Centres around the world ...