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Nutritional Science and Cancer. Yes to Life Annual Conference

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11 November 2019

He's only gone and done it..... #TheBigWeekOff

As some of you know, our Chairman and Founder of Yes to Life took on a fundraising challenge in July.  What started off as a chat about what to do built into #TheBigWeekOff - a 7 day fast.  ...continue reading
30 July 2019


What is oncothermia? | Dr Aryan Tavakkoli

This week Dr Ayran Tavakkoli of Quantum Clinic explains what this exciting new therapy is and offers a discounted rate for the first 10 people who book ...continue reading
25 January 2019

A cancer festival? | Philip Booth

This week’s blog has been written by Philip Booth, a Barnwood Trust Community Builder and blogger, who was first diagnosed with prostate cancer in September 2017 ...continue reading
17 August 2018