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Anita Gibson's book in aid of Yes to Life.

We are really please to announce Anita Gibson's first book in aid of Yes to Life. ...continue reading
30 March 2020

A Day at a time, a daily blog of life in lockdown

One of our trustees who has been practicing mindfulness in her life shares a daily blog of life in lockdown – A Day at a Time ...continue reading
27 March 2020


Day at a time, Slowing down, 3/4/20

I didn’t have a drink last night, not actually out of intention more I just didn’t feel like it when the time came. But I still woke up feeling a bit groggy and sniffly. Coffee, Sculpt and Qi Gong breathing exercises soon got rid of that feeling. ...continue reading
4 April 2020

Day at a Time, Taking in the Good, 2/4/20

I was completely fooled by an April’s Fool WhatsApp message doing the rounds yesterday, Boris to ban alcohol from Monday 12.00 am! I found myself feeling weirdly relieved ……. ...continue reading
3 April 2020