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Exercise for Well-being, Your questions answered

As part of the nationwide launch of WIGWAM we’re really pleased to be able to bring you a series of Online Forums under the banner of the WIGWAM Online Cancer Support Forum. ...continue reading
10 May 2020

Anita Gibson's book in aid of Yes to Life.

We are really please to announce Anita Gibson's first book in aid of Yes to Life. ...continue reading
30 March 2020


Day at a time, Uncertainty, 22/5/2020

A wonderful Qi Gong practice this morning, activating energy and flow in the body ending with bamboo in the wind; feet together and letting the body gently rock and sway. I experience a feeling of flow and ease; mind, body and heart at one. ...continue reading
23 May 2020

Day at a time, Lingering in happiness, 21/5/20

Yesterday I made a commitment to renounce the habit of hurrying. Today sitting in meditation, I notice hurry up mind arising. Ideas are coming to me about the Wigwam initiative – the online forums, people to be involved, fund-raising ideas and I can feel the energy in my body wanting to jump up off the cushion. ...continue reading
22 May 2020