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Wigwam Cancer Support Groups Café

2:00 pm

What is the Wigwam Café?

Wigwam is the name of our Cancer Support Community at Yes to Life.

The name originated due to the posts of a Wigwam coming together to create a strong and sturdy support. We now also like the idea of it conjuring up an image of the coming together of a group for powerful discussion and support as we know the significant evidence-based health benefits of finding the right support.

You are invited to join our Wigwam Café (online, via Zoom) as this is typically the ‘first port of call’ to join one of our online Wigwam Support Groups.

Our informal online ‘Café’ is a gentle and safe space for you to come along and have a chat with our Wigwam Support Group Co-ordinator (Sara) and meet others with a shared experience.

We keep attendance at this sessions low as we understand how challenging it can be to reach out for support when our energy of self-confidence feels low and we want to make sure you feel supported.

You will be invited to ask any questions you may have and share a little about your experience with cancer if you’re comfortable to do so.

You will find out whether our Wigwam Community is right for you by experiencing what it’s like to be with others on this path, in this environment, and feel the warmth, generosity, kindness and support of feeling seen, heard & understood.

Wigwam Cancer Support Groups Café
Event Details
2:00 pm until 3:00 pm