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Yes to Life Annual Conference 2018

1 Dec 2018

Yes to Life Annual Conference 2018

Continuing last year’s enormously important and topical theme ‘Starting the Conversation’ – referring to the urgently needed dialogue between conventional and lifestyle healthcare practitioners – our 2018 Conference looked to gain inspiration from developments in Integrative Medicine abroad, as well as to highlight progress towards integration in the UK. Event Description: Integrative Medicine is proving its value to people with cancer around the globe. The integration of Lifestyle Medicine into conventional protocols is finally gaining traction and delivering better quality of life, and longer, more durable remissions.

The UK is currently behind the curve. Our conservative healthcare system has resisted the changes that are currently delivering improvements in other countries such as the USA. If we want to benefit from this revolution in cancer care, it is important that we listen and learn from successes abroad, and that we recognise and support the efforts of those introducing new initiatives to the UK.

This year’s Yes to Life International Conference takes a broad look at developments in Integrative Oncology abroad, and showcases some exciting UK initiatives that are leading the way towards modern, integrated oncology services. Our speakers included:

  • Patricia Peat, Principal, Cancer Options Integrative Oncology Consultancy; author, The Cancer Revolution
  • Ashwin Mehta MD, Board member, Society for Integrative Oncology, USA
  • Dr Abdul Slocum, Chemothermia Integrative Oncology Clinic, Istanbul
  • Ally Jaffee & Iain Broadley, Founders of Nutritank, UK initiative to integrate Lifestyle Medicine into the NHS
  • Dr Marie Polley, Researcher & Lecturer, University of Westminster; leading proponent of Social Prescribing