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31 Mar 2021

What a hopeful weekend

We are moving towards the end of lockdown, the clocks went forward so it’s now delightfully light in the evenings and the last couple of days we have had an abundance of sunshine –  we are excited and starting to feel hopeful.

‘Hopeful’ – this was the very word many of the attendees used in their feedback from our Congress, Nutritional Science and Cancer last weekend (27/28 March) and what a weekend it was.  The team are all pretty exhausted but exhilarated and we do feel hopeful (yep that word again) that the world of Integrative Medicine (IM) or Integrative Oncology is shifting in the right direction and dare we say even into mainstream thinking?

More than 450 people joined us over the weekend and were given a real insight into what you should be eating and drinking if you have cancer and just how individual this needs to be – so one size definitely does not fit all. Much of the education around nutrition and cancer was also relevant to prevention.  Sadly there is little media coverage or government impetus given to educating the nation in this area.  Just look at the pandemic – has there been any mention of how people can boost their immune system or use nutrition to manage the virus should they get it? – that’s a big NO!

We are also well aware of the poor provision of healthy, nutritious food within the NHS and as people hand over control to the medical team upon diagnosis, nutrition is one area where you can take back some control.  It is our ongoing promise to enable you to learn about nutrition so that you can make some informed decisions yourself and the Congress was all about education and information to help you get there.

Attendees were given opportunities throughout the Congress to ask questions and directly interact with all of the speakers, sometimes an area often lacking in these types of events.  The feedback we have received has reflected how beneficial this has been.

But enough of us talking about the Congress – here’s just a few snippets of feedback to the question: What is the one take away message you have learned from this event?

‘A diagnosis of cancer is not the end of life, as proved by several of the speakers and there are lots of ways to assist treatments’

‘That one day, mainstream medicine will learn to think holistically and allow patients to follow nutritional therapists’ advice’

‘If you think about it, it’s pretty easy to eat a good diet and look after our mind and well being. It just needs a bit of effort – and a kick!’

I enjoyed every participant’s contribution. The next one was adding to the next, giving me a wide array of opportunities to explore.’

‘I can be proactive in regaining and maintaining my health. I feel empowered. There is much I can learn about homeostasis and there is a lot of help available from professionals who are very knowledgeable in their field. I feel hopeful.’

‘There’s hope of rebuilding your health out there! The medical model – whilst excellent in many ways in treating cancer – can leave you depleted & sadly sometimes without hope.’

‘Loved the conference – felt excited and invigorated about the future!! Thank you!’

A huge thank you to everyone who helped us create such a key event.  To our speakers thank you for giving your time and expertise; to Britt and Saski for running two Master Classes which the attendees  loved; to Claire for running a lunchtime Yoga class; to our sponsors for their support and giving attendees free resources, information and time to chat throughout the event on the hub; and to our supporters who believe in what we are doing.