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Cancer News this week……

25 Mar 2021

Cancer news this week :

So to those of you out there who already know what Integrative Medicine is (or IM), how excited are you? We are almost on the verge of jumping up and down but holding back just a tad as we know how long change takes to happen but…. and its a big, yummy, wholesome but, we have recently seen a number of oncologists popping their heads above the parapet and boldly talking about IM as the way forward for cancer care.  Based on RCR latest figures (2019) there are 938 clinical oncologists in the UK so even if we start with just a few shifting towards IM its a start and we are pretty hopeful that more will make the shift.

A number of events are taking place this year all centred around IM in cancer care or another term being used Integrative Oncology.  “Whole person cancer care for better patient outcomes – Highlighting the very best of evidence-informed person-centred Integrative Oncology to optimise health, quality of life and clinical outcomes.”  Words that jump out of this are”QUALITY OF LIFE’ and ‘PERSON CENTRED’ that’s a ‘shout it out’ moment.  This is just one event taking place in May organised by the BSIO. There you go, just saying we at Yes to Life have been putting this out there for 15 years, so you can see why we are giddy with joy.

With the impact of the Pandemic on people with cancer as well as the statistics of getting a cancer diagnosis (1 in 2), this brings hope to everyone trying to manage their return to health or living well with cancer.

Best wishes as always

Yes to Life