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New Yes to Life Wigwam Book Club coming soon!

13 Nov 2023

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What is the Yes to Life Wigwam Book Club?

Do you have an ever-increasing pile of books next to your bed or in your online basket ready to purchase? If only you had more time! Us too!

Navigating an integrative approach to cancer can include a steep learning curve. We want to empower ourselves with good quality information and evidence to support our decisions and journey.

It is therefore usual for this process to include reading certain books and there are several that typically come to mind.

We have wanted to launch our Yes to Life Wigwam Book Club to support you in this for a while and we’re excited to say that this will be starting in January.

We invite you to join us to come together to read books (to be decided by the group) that are related to taking an integrative approach to cancer (in the first instance) and to discuss what we are taking from them that is helpful for us.

Titles that could be considered for example may include: The Cancer Revolution (Patricia Peat & Yes to Life), The Metabolic Approach to Cancer (Dr Nasha Winters), Anti-Cancer a New Way of Life (Dr David Servan-Schreiber), Glittering a Turd (Kris Hallenga), The Cancer Whisperer (Sophie Sabbage), How to Starve Cancer (Jane McLelland), Radical Remission (Kelly Turner) – this list goes on and we will also look to you for your recommendations and vote on an order of priority for the titles that are suggested.

From there we can decide which books we’d like to bring into the group to support our journey, health & healing that may not even be specifically cancer related.

How will the Yes to Life Wigam Book Club run?

The Wigwam Book Club will be held monthly online via Zoom and run by one of our Wigwam Group Facilitators. We know how hungry we can be for information and to process it.

The aim is for our meetings to be friendly and relaxed. Not all members have to attend every meeting though we hope you may still wish to read the books, even if you can’t come along.

New members will always be welcome although we may need to restrict the size of the group if we get too large, or create more than one group.

We hope that all meetings will encourage open-minded, compassionate, confidential & non-judgemental discussion with no advice and there will be no pressure to say anything if you don’t want to.

We envisage that there may be some titles that may warrant more than one group discussion and we may break down the reading of the books into sections or chapters and focus our discussion on certain themes at a time.

The key is that this is a supportive space that reduces, rather than increases, overwhelm.

We are also hoping that we may be able to include titles where the author is able to join or speak.

What next?

Please register your interest in joining our new group filling the form bellow

Once you register we will be in touch with further details and will decide on our first title by mid December with the aim of having our first meeting towards the end of January.

We can’t wait to get started.

To register your interest please go here