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Dr J William LaValley
Dr J William LaValley
Medical Supporter


Dr J William LaValley MD provides evidence-based, molecular-network targeted, Molecular Integrative Oncology (MIO) treatment plan recommendations for anti-cancer natural products and re-purposed pharmaceuticals in addition to – not instead of – conventional oncology chemotherapy, targeted biologics and/or radiation therapy. He has developed advanced data-mining tools to access the molecular biology of cancer peer-reviewed published literature, and genomics/transcriptomics/proteomic databases, to search curate, develop and update rigorous, evidence-based Molecular Integrative Oncology treatment interventions utilising natural products and re-purposed pharmaceuticals.

Dr LaValley has been a member of the Society for Integrative Oncology (SIO) (since it began in 2003) and currently serves since 2017 on the SIO Communication Committee.  Dr. LaValley is an Advisory Board member of and its affiliated clinical research organisation,, and actively supports the mission for evidence-based broad-spectrum approaches to cancer prevention and treatment.

“I support the mission of Yes to Life [] and the work it does expanding access to – and understanding of – additional evidence-based molecular integrative oncology treatment options for people diagnosed with cancer and the physicians and health care provider who serve them.”

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