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Lizzy Davis
Lizzy Davis
Medical Supporter

Lizzy is a Cancer Exercise Specialist and former Oncology Nurse who developed CanExercise in 2011. She focuses on raising awareness of the importance of physical activity for those going through cancer, prescribing effective exercise programmes to counteract side effects from treatment, and helping to maintain or improve mental and physical well-being.

“Historically, people going through cancer and cancer treatment were advised to rest and avoid activity. We now know that exercise is in fact safe and increasingly beneficial to everyone with cancer. Much like medicine, it has to be tailored to each individual to achieve the best results. Yes to Life has long supported the importance of regular exercise for those living with cancer, offering invaluable resources to those seeking the right advice and guidance to make the best informed decisions.

Yes to Life has, and will continue to be an inclusive, safe, forward-thinking and patient-centred charity. At its heart, Yes to Life offers a non-biased approach, giving those with cancer a voice to ask questions, and explore the many options available to improve both their quality of life and their health outcomes.”

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