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The Best of Both Worlds
Episode #1.21 - Date: 26 Jan 2023

The remarkable success that Gilly Bertram achieved in recovering fully from a life-threatening astrocytoma – through the judicious use of nutritional therapy and other lifestyle approaches alongside her conventional care – led her to train in nutritional therapy and to focus her work on supporting others with cancer. Gilly discusses the role of integrative approaches in relation to conventional care with CANCERTALK hosts Dr Penny Kechagioglou and Robin Daly.

Gilly Bertram
Categories: Integrative Oncology, Lifestyle Medicine, Nutrition

4 responses to “Episode 1.21: The Best of Both Worlds”

  1. Sharon says:

    This podcast was so interesting to listen to and gave me a lot of hope. I am in remission from one cancer and facing a probable diagnosis of another cancer. For me the fear of what might be is the most difficult thing to deal with. I feel less alone after listening

  2. I was deeply moved by Episode 21 of Yes to Life, which explored the idea of finding balance and harmony in life. The interviews with individuals who have faced adversity and found a way to live with joy and purpose were inspiring. I particularly appreciated the emphasis on the importance of self-care and taking time for oneself in order to better serve others. This episode has left me feeling more hopeful and determined to find my own balance in life.

    • Robin Daly says:

      It’s great to hear you found the episode so inspiring – exactly the sort of effect that Dr Penny & I would hope for!

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