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Ozone dialysis is a whole-body blood oxygenation therapy and is an efficient oxidative therapy where the whole body blood volume is passed through a dialysis cartridge (like dialysis for End Stage Renal Failure patients) over a period of one hour. Dark venous blood is drawn from one arm and bright red oxygenated blood is re-infused through the other arm.

DIRECT INTRAVENOUS OZONE GAS 2.5% / MEDICAL OXYGEN 97.5% INJECTION (‘DIV’) USING A DIGITAL PUMP TO DELIVER WITH SAFETY AND ACCURACY. (NO NITROGEN IN THE GAS MIXTURE) Medical Ozone Therapy is Very Effective Detoxifier, Chelator for Mercury From Brain and Nervous Tissue in Patients with Mercury Amalgum Filled Teeth with Nonspecific Chronic Ill-Health Syndromes, which cannot be achieved by any other means. INTRA-ARTICULAR OZONE INJECTION/ PROLOZONE THERAPY Freshly prepared Ozone/Oxygen Gas is injected after injecting lidocaine. Usually steroid is not needed.


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Ozone Therapy

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