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Advanced Gerson Protocol

Founded by Dr Patrick Vickers, Gerson Treatment clinic (formerly known as Northern Baja Gerson Clinic) provides Gerson Therapy.

Dr Vickers and his colleagues set out to utilise therapies specifically listed by Dr Gerson, along with several other immunological therapies, that have proven to stimulate the immune system and increase clinical outcomes. The “Advanced Gerson Therapy” provided in this clinic is claimed to be showing greater clinical results than the original therapy left by Dr Gerson over 50 years ago.

Dr Vickers and his colleagues continue to offer the original Gerson Therapy as Dr Gerson left it but with additional immunological therapies to achieve maximum efficacy.

The Gerson Therapy is a very specific, therapeutic regimen that must be strictly adhered to if you want to obtain superior results. Specific fruits and vegetables, raw and freshly prepared, supply massive amounts of nutrients and phytochemicals that have proven, in worldwide studies, to have incredible anti-cancer and health-promoting properties.

Prospective patients will receive detailed instructions on what’s required of them before they commit to the 3-month home programme. Once a prospective patient has been approved for the 3-month home programme, a thorough history will be taken as well as a discussion as to what your daily program will consist of. Upon completion of these logistics, your treatment will begin immediately and you will begin to receive the therapy.


Advanced Gerson Protocol is a 3-month home-based programme that will be shipped to your address. Included in the programme are:

1) Specifically roasted organic Gerson-only coffee
2) Gerson-specific flax oil
3) High dose curcumin
4) Special chelate selenium
5) Active methylated B12
6) Gerson potassium powder
7) High-dose CoQ10
8) High dose niacin
9) High concentration ALPHA CHYMOTRYPSIN enzyme
10) Stomach enzymes
11) Paleovalley essential, food-based vitamin C
12) Activated vitamin D
13) High concentrate probiotics
14) Lugol’s 2% solution
15) Special therapy teas
16) Access to educational videos
17) First month, 2 biweekly calls
18) Second month, 4 weekly calls
19) Third month, 1 call


The Advanced Gerson Therapy includes:

GERSON THERAPY by Max B Gerson MD, consisting of 20lbs of organic fruits and vegetables every day (mostly in the form of juices), as well as a potent detoxification program.

HYPERBARIC OXYGEN/OZONE/H2O2, as demonstrated by Otto Warburg that cancer, viruses and bacteria cannot survive in highly oxygenated and alkaline environments.

IV UVB BLOOD IRRADIATION/OZONE: patient’s blood is drawn and exposed to UVB Light as well as ozone.

PURE ALOE VERA: free of chemicals and preservatives and derived from the ALOE BARBADENSIS MILLER-STOCKTON genus, hand-filleted, immediately frozen to guarantee complete freshness and maximum potency.

RAW LIVE SPIRULINA: Spirulina has the ability to destroy tumours, viruses and bacteria

NEAR INFRARED THERAPY: Unveiled by Nathaniel Mead in his book “The Medicine of Light” demonstrating that when the body is flooded with chlorophyll then hit with NEAR infrared light, causes immediate cell-death of cancer cells.

GCMAF: Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor, vitamin D-binding protein-derived macrophage activating factor. When GcMAF is depleted, the immune response becomes weak. When used in conjunction with Gerson Therapy, the effects of GCMAF are exponentially increases.

LAETRILE – Also known as Amygdalin or Vitamin B17 and derived from apricot kernels, are able to destroy cancer cells

BOB BECK PROTOCOL – 9-volt Pulsar Unit and Ozone Unit created by Bob Beck, stuns viruses, bacteria and cancer cells diminishing their ability to multiply.

Last Updated:11/05/2024
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Advanced Gerson Protocol
Northern Baja Gerson Center , Rosarito Baja California, Mexico

+1 715 299 5070
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