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Gerson Treatment Clinic

Founded by Dr. Patrick Vickers, Gerson Treatment clinic (formerly known as Northern Baja Gerson Clinic) mainly provides Gerson Therapy.

As it is a very specific therapeutic regimen that must be strictly adhered to in order to obtain superior results, prior to the stay at the clinic, prospective patients are explained what will be required of them. Patients are also asked to provide certain medical records to be sent to the clinic for evaluation.

Upon arrival at the clinic, a thorough history is taken along with a physical exam and discussion of the daily program and the treatment begins immediately. Dr. Gersons therapy bombards the body with a completely sodium-free diet consisting of twenty pounds of organic fruits and vegetables daily and-mostly in the form of freshly-squeezed juices that flood the body with a mass array of vitamins, minerals and vital enzymes necessary for complete healing and restoration. Patients receive a cornucopia of fruits and vegetables throughout the day consisting of three freshly prepared meals and 13 juices daily.

In conjunction with the hyper-alimentation of organic fruits and vegetables, patients receive a wide variety of very specific natural supplements to enhance individual organ systems such as the thyroid, liver, pancreas, stomach and intestinal systems. These supplements, in conjunction with the specific, strict, vegetarian dietary regimen work to completely restore the bodys failing internal metabolism – the basis of a properly functioning immune system able to fend off and destroy cancer and other degenerative diseases.


Both English and Spanish are spoken at the clinic. Patients are picked up from the San Diego airport and escorted across the border to Mexico to the clinic. 20% deposit is required to book a place at the clinic.

The original Basic Gerson Therapy costs $5665 per week and a two-week minimum stay is required. A three-week stay is recommended for best results. The cost includes a companion who gets a free room and board, 3 months worth of supplements to continue the therapy at home, 3-6 months of immunotherapies, IV Chelation, Vit C and Carnitine, and airport transfes.

For patients who are unable or unwilling to travel to the clinic, an online / home therapy option is also available.


The Gerson Therapy Oxygen Therapies Coley’s Immunotherapy Immersion Hyperthermia Laetrile (Oral/IV) GM-CSF-Gramal Laboratory Tests IV Vitamin C Therapy Chelation Therapy PNC 27 Autologous Vaccine Dendritics

Last Updated:27/12/2020
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    Gerson Treatment Clinic
    Northern Baja Gerson Center , Rosarito Baja California Mexico, Global (ie: web based)

    +1 715 299 5070
    Therapies provided by this provider:

    Gerson Therapy
    Probably the best known alternative approach to cancer treatment, Gerson is a demanding regime of immune boosting and detoxification through diet and enemas.

    Full Details

    Hyperthermia is the application of concentrated therapeutic heat to treat cancer.

    Full Details

    Laetrile (B17)
    Often given intravenously as part of a programme of Metabolic Therapy, Laetrile is a non-toxic extract of apricot kernels.

    Full Details

    Nutritional Therapy
    Nutritional therapists seek to ensure you are well nourished by your diet, and that you are fully absorbing and utilising the nutrients it provides.

    Full Details

    Vitamin C Therapy
    Vitamin C can be given intravenously as part of a programme of Metabolic Therapy.

    Full Details