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India Gooderham

India Gooderham developed The Gentle Recovery concept specifically for people who have finished treatment for cancer.

Gentle Recovery is an expert-led, holistic, body-positive approach to cancer recovery, using yoga, oncology exercise and relaxation techniques. This gentle approach supports to strengthen, shape and tone the body.

The rehabilitation and wellness programmes are designed for the specific cancer type. Choose from cancer-specific, pre-recorded, online programmes and personalised one-to-one online coaching sessions.

India Gooderham trained as a physiotherapist in the UK and went on to specialise in oncology and palliative care. Whilst working in the NHS, she witnessed that people with cancer often received high standards of care with regards to diagnosis and treatment, but when it came to rehabilitation, services were often limited or unavailable.

India’s mission is to bridge the gap between the active cancer treatment (most likely a combination of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation) and thriving in life once more. She trained as a yoga teacher in India and helped launch a hospice in the Himalayas. She went on to train as a Cancer Yoga teacher, and subsequently trained as a Cancer Exercise Specialist, and have been awarded a Postgraduate Certificate in Palliative Care from Cardiff University.


Gentle Recovery for Breast Cancer £229
12 months unlimited access
Online, pre-recorded rehabilitation and wellness programme for women who have completed treatment for breast cancer

One-to-One Coaching from £60
For people affected by any cancer type

Useful videos:

Views from cancer survivors and healthcare professionals on acupuncture (1:47 mins)

Views on how acupuncture can support cancer survivors living with lymphoedema (2:39 mins)

Acupuncture for World Cancer Day (3:55 mins)


Cancer Yoga Teacher and Cancer Exercise Specialist
Bsc (Hons) Physiotherapy
Postgraduate Certificate in Palliative Care
Satyananda Yoga Teacher
Western Medical Acupuncture (BMAS Trained)
Diploma Sports Massage
Humanistic Counselling (Level 1)

Last Updated:03/12/2023
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The Gentle Recovery
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