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Yes to Life's website content is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, nor is it intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment. The information is for educational and informational purposes only and has not been reviewed by medical doctors or oncologists. Cancer is a highly complex group of diseases, and it is known to manifest differently in different people, often responding more favourably to individualised approaches to treatment and care. Yes to Life advocates that any person diagnosed with, or suspected of having, cancer, consults with a suitably qualified and experienced medical professional before initiating any type of therapy or supportive treatment. Click here to read our full Disclaimer.

Specialist exercise programmes designed to help support cancer patients during and after treatment.


Research shows that exercise can help with the side effects of cancer treatment such as fatigue, pain, nausea and vomiting. It can also improve your mood and feelings of confidence. Too much exercise can make you tired, so can too little. Its important to find your own level. More importantly, the research shows that exercise can reduce the risk of the cancer coming back.


Historically advice has been given based on the ‘rest is best’; principle, but the latest thinking is that a moderate level of exercise is beneficial during and after cancer treatment.


Evidence suggests that being physically active during and after cancer can: Improve physical and psychological well-being Reduce the risk of consequences of treatment Improve overall survival rates and reduce the risk of recurrence Reduce the risk of co-morbidities (two or more medical conditions


Varies according level of support offered.

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    Helen Cooke
    Bristol, UK - England (South West)
    Helen Cooke, previous to being a Nutritional Therapist, was a nurse and complementary health practitioner for over 25 years, and has a wealth of experience. ...
    Lizzy Davis
    London, UK - England (South East)
    Lizzy has spent many years caring for a very diverse cancer population as a nurse. She firmly believes that exercise is a critical and overlooked component of a cancer patient’s recovery ...
    Jayne Doyle
    Pangbourne, UK
    Jayne is the founder of The Quiet Way – a unique therapeutic approach to bodywork in the field of trauma care ...
    Victoria Fox
    London, UK - England (South East)
    Since qualifying in 2008 Vicky has studied with many world renowned teachers such as Aadil Palkhivala, Rod Stryker, Doug Keller and Julie Gudmestad. ...
    Dr Laura Freeman
    United Kingdom
    Dr Laura Freeman is a dual-licensed GP and certified lifestyle medicine physician. She is also the medical director and co-founder of Plant Based Health Online. ...
    Jayne Hooper
    Brighton, UK - England (South East)
    Jayne Hooper gained her Diploma in Nutrition from College of Naturopathic Medicine and also qualified as a Nutritional Therapist ...
    Dr Aryan Tavakkoli
    Lewes, UK - England (South East)
    Dr Tavakkoli is a consultant physician with a 25-year background in hospital medicine. At Quantum Clinic, she provides integrative support for adult patients with previous or current cancer ...
    3E Centre (3E Zentrum)
    Buoc, Germany
    The 3E Centre (3E Zentrum) is a cancer therapy clinic located in the south of Germany (close to Stuttgart), purpose built to provide a safe and protected environment in beautiful natural surroundings where you can discover the root causes of your cancer. ...
    Bracken Trust Cancer Support Centre (The)
    Llandrindod Wells, UK - Wales
    The Bracken Trust supports those who are coping with cancer, their families and the bereaved. They are about empowering people to live with, through and beyond cancer. ...
    COPES Gynae Cancer Support
    Essex, UK
    COPES support group was launched for patients affected by gynaecological cancers where free complimentary therapies are provided. ...
    London, UK - England (South East)
    CanExercise, founded by former oncology nurse Lizzy Davis, works with cancer survivors in the North London area to improve or maintain their functional fitness. ...
    Cancer Wise
    Chichester, UK - England (South East)
    CancerWise is a registered charity offering support and information to anyone concerned about cancer in the Chichester area. ...
    Bolinas, United States
    The Commonweal Cancer Help programme is a week-long retreat for people with cancer. An integrated programme of healing, support sessions, massage, yoga and relaxation. ...
    Elysia Therapeutic Centre
    Stourbridge, UK
    The Elysia Therapeutic Centre is a complementary health clinic providing a broad range of therapeutic practice, including Mistletoe Therapy. ...
    Haven Centre (The)
    Blantyre, UK - Scotland
    The Haven Centre offers support for people affected by life limiting conditions such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease, Parkinson ...
    Holistic Centre (The)
    Godalming, UK - England (South East)
    A requirement of the Holistic Centre is that all therapists are fully qualified members of their appropriate Professional Body and that they all hold Public Liability Insurance. ...
    Manx Cancer Help
    Braddan, UK - England (North)
    MCH Psychological Services is as an Isle of Man registered charity and was formerly known as The Lisa Lowe Centre and Manx Cancer Help ...
    Olive Tree (The)
    Crawley, UK
    The Olive Tree Cancer Support Centre is an independent charity providing a range of support services to cancer patients, their carers and families. ...
    Pickering Cancer Drop-in Centre (The)
    Tunbridge Wells, UK - England (South East)
    The Pickering Cancer Drop-in Centre is a self-funding registered charity. The Centre aims to help and support anyone affected by cancer, from ...
    Pro Cancer Research Fund Patient Support Group
    London, UK - England (South East)
    Pro Cancer Research Fund Patient Support Group provide own language information, outreach, counselling and psychotherapy, helping patients to ...
    Purple House Cancer Support
    Bray, Ireland
    Purple House Cancer Support is a registered charity, providing cancer support services and facilities free of charge to people affected by cancer in ...
    Quantum Clinic
    Lewes, UK - England (South East)
    Dr Tavakkoli is a consultant physician with a 25-year background in hospital medicine. At Quantum Clinic, she provides integrative ...
    Rennie Grove Hospice Care
    St. Albans, UK
    Rennie Grove Hospice Care  is a charity providing specialist care and support for adults and children with a life-limiting illness ...
    Smith Center for Healing and the Arts
    Washington, United States
    Smith Center for Healing and the Arts is a non-profit health, education and creative arts organisation that serves individuals, families and communities affected by cancer and other serious illness. ...
    Vibrant Health
    Potters Bar, UK - England (South East)
    Vibrant health Spa specialises in detoxification, and cell regeneration. It is the only Colon Hydrotherapy recognised School in the UK to teach ...
    Widnes and Runcorn Cancer Support Centre
    Widnes, UK
    Widnes and Runcorn Cancer Support Group is a local charity, whose aim is to help and support the local community of Halton. Anyone who has been ...
    Information & Advice
    Cancer Care Map
    Cancer Care Map is an online resource to help people living with cancer find care and support services in their local area in the UK ...
    Cancer Decisions
    Lemont, United States
    A Moss Report assists with educating a cancer patient about any promising alternative treatments for their particular condition. Please see the website for costs of downloading or ordering a printed copy of each Moss report. ...
    Cancer Information and Support Society (CISS)
    St Leonards, Global (ie: web based)
    CISS promotes non-toxic holistic medicine. The educational organisation promotes prevention, self-help and freedom of choice in therapies for cancer...
    Cancer Options Ltd
    Nottingham, Global (ie: web based)
    Led by Patricia Peat, an experienced oncology nurse, Cancer Options offers support and information on orthodox treatments, clinical trials and developments worldwide. ...
    Canhelp Inc
    Livingstone, United States
    CANHELP serves patients and/or family members who wish to take an active part in the healing process and are willing to think outside the conventional medical box. ...
    Inspire Health
    Vancouver, Canada
    All people over the age of 16 with a diagnosis of cancer may self-refer. No doctor referral is necessary. ...
    Maggie's Centres
    London, UK
    Maggie’s Centres’ philosophy is in helping people with cancer to be as healthy in mind and body as possible, while assisting them with contributions ...
    New Approaches to Cancer
    Chertsey, UK
    New Approaches to Cancer is a national registered charity that was started by a group of four colleagues – two doctors and two healers back in 1969. ...
    The Gawler Cancer Foundation
    Ian Gawler established Australia’s first active Cancer Support Group in 1981 to teach people how to increase their chances of survival from cancer and improve their quality of life. ...
    Yes to Life
    London, UK - England (South East)
    Yes to Life is a charity that offers support to people with cancer in the UK who want to take a proactive role in their treatment ...
    Global (internet-based)
    Cancernet-UK is an independent organisation comprising of a multidisciplinary group of health professionals and cancer survivors ...
    Swansea Oxygen Clinic
    Swansea, UK
    Swansea Oxygen Clinic, home of The South Wales MS Therapy Centre, was set up to provide Oxygen Therapy in 1983 ...