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Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance (ORCA)

Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance is dedicated to curing ovarian cancer while improving treatments by advancing innovative science, promoting preventive measures, and advocating for, educating and supporting anyone affected by gynaecological cancers to ensure the best possible care and outcomes.

Genetic testing is a process in which a blood test may help to determine if you or your family members are at increased risk of ovarian or other cancers.

If qualified, patients can receive free genetic testing kits from ORCA.

ORCA includes a link to the National Society of Genetic Counsellors to help patients find suitable genetic counsellors.


Ovarian Cancer Support and Information

Last Updated:21/12/2023
Reseacher: Sophie Hou
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Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance (ORCA)
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Cancer Testing
Tumour marker tests are chemicals made by tumour cells that can be detected in your blood.

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