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RGCC Diagnostics

RGCC (Research Genetic Cancer Centre) was launched in 2004 by genetics pioneer Dr Ioannis Papasotiriou who believes that the key to effectively treating cancer lies in personalised medicine using the information in a patient’s genes.

RGCC is a specialist medical genetics company and leading expert in the field of cancer genetics, liquid biopsy and chemosensitivity tests. They provide personalised cancer genetics tests for doctors and patients worldwide in their ISO-accredited laboratories, which are equipped with the latest technology and specialised software for data analysis.

Their team of scientists have developed a range of tests that give healthcare professionals comprehensive information about a patient’s genetics, physiology and immune profiles. This diversion from a one-size-fits all approach uses data to determine what treatment will work best.

The range of tests and therapies is designed to discover, analyse and screen cancer cells at every step of the disease and to provide vital information that can help clinicians to identify the best and most effective cancer treatments and therapies.

They offer tests that determine the cancer load, how much cancer is in the body and the risk of the cancer spreading or returning. They also offer tests to monitor a patient’s progress, indicate if a certain type of chemotherapy or natural substance can kill their specific cancer cells, and determine whether late-stage therapies like vaccines or immune therapies will be effective.

Two types of tests are offered: liquid biopsies and circulating tumour cell tests.

– The liquid biopsy is a non-invasive blood test that requires no surgical intervention. It can detect circulating tumour cells and circulating free DNA in the blood. This has the potential to identify and diagnose certain forms of cancer, and can also be used to monitor a cancer’s progression.

– The circulating tumour cell (CTC) tests detect CTCs in the blood or lymph. CTCs are cells that have detached from the original tumour and passed into the blood, the lymph system, or another part of the body, with the potential to create a second tumour.

Researchers have made significant progress in detecting and isolating these cells, but circulating tumour cells tests are not yet 100% accurate. Studies have found that in people with certain types of cancer of the breast, prostate, pancreas, colon and skin, the test is 87% sensitive and 83% specific for circulating tumour cells (Papasotiriou I. et al, 2015). This means that the test will correctly return a positive result for 87% of the time and will correctly return a negative result 83% of the time.


RGCC is a global organisation with branch offices and distributors to provide a worldwide service. The head office is located in Switzerland but state-of-the-art laboratory facilities are available around the world.

Dr Nicola Hembry BSc MB BS PgDip MRSB has worked with RGCC in Greece since 2005 and is currently co-Director of RGCC Europe N&W Ltd, which facilitates the provision of RGCC tests (particularly for circulating tumour cells and chemo-sensitivity testing) in the region of north and west Europe.


Cancer and genomics testing

Last Updated:29/03/2024
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RGCC Diagnostics
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Cancer Testing
Tumour marker tests are chemicals made by tumour cells that can be detected in your blood.

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