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Weleda has been growing plants organically and creating natural health and wellbeing products for over 100 years. Founded in 1921 as a practical outcome of Rudolf Steiner’s philosophical initiatives, Weleda makes a wide range of high quality natural (biodynamic) products for health and beauty, and anthrosophical medicines.

Weleda’s three main sites are in Arlesheim, Switzerland, Huningue, France and in Schwäbisch Gmünd near Stuttgart. These three sites see the processing of most of the 1,000 natural, sustainably produced raw materials for Weleda products as well as, 100 natural cosmetics products, 10 dietetics and around 2,500 medicines.

Weleda promotes the help of anthroposophic medicines, for the body’s self-healing process and bringing back its equilibrium. The treatment approach and the choice of medicinal products and therapies are specific to each individual, to bring about a process of development within the patient, reinforcing natural self-healing and restoring the balance of health.

Anthroposophic medicinal products are complemented by a variety of external applications and treatment regimes. A patient might benefit from wet packs, hydrotherapy or medical baths; from nursing, anthroposophic physiotherapy and rhythmical massage therapy; from dietetics, eurythmic exercise, anthroposophic art therapy, or from anthroposophic psychotherapy and a range of other anthroposophic therapeutic and life-style approaches. Any of these approaches can be used in any combination – the treatment regime is highly individualised to the patient.

The raw ingredients used in Weleda natural cosmetics are of natural origin. The products are free from microplastics, free from genetically modified ingredients and free from mineral oil-based ingredients. 100% of their cosmetic products are certified natural cosmetics in accordance with the Natrue seal. More than 80% of their plant and animal-derived raw ingredients are sourced from certified organic farming.

Weleda wellbeing services are offered in over 50 countries.


Visitors are welcomed to see the Weleda biodynamic gardens in Ilkeston for guided tours and a sneak peek behind the scenes. These tours are educational sessions with our experts that are designed to give attendees an introduction to biodynamic gardening.

Weleda has received B Corp certification.


Anthrosophical Medicines
Natural cosmetics

Last Updated:15/02/2024
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UK Shop: Heanor Rd
1 Bridge St, Suite 42, Ilkeston, DE7 8DR, UK

+44 115 944 8200
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Homeopathy is a system of medicine which involves treating the individual with highly diluted substances, given mainly in tablet form, with the aim of triggering the body's natural system of healing.

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