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Tapping in to Stillness
Show #349 - Date: 25 Feb 2022

Deborah Miller, EFT expert and trainer, and writer Stephanie Marohn introduce their new book, EFT for cancer.

References from the show:

  • EFT for Cancer By Deborah D Miller, PhD and Stephanie Marohn
  • Deborah Miller, EFT Tapping Expert and Trainer
  • Stephanie Marohn, writer, editor, energy healer and animal communicator
  • EFT Universe, a collective of professionals and enthusiasts centred around the work of Dawson Church, PhD, world-renounced leader in EFT
  • EFT international Accredited EFT Tapping Training
Deborah Miller & Stephanie Marohn
Categories: Author, Mind-Body Connection, Supportive Therapies

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