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Your Life and Cancer
Show #281 - Date: 25 Oct 2020

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Your Life and Cancer 2020 Second Week – Expanding Your Knowledge, by Progressive Communications

Dr Robert Verkerk, Scientific Director of the Alliance for Natural Health

Dr Elizabeth Thompson, National Centre for Integrative Medicine

Dr Boris Hubenthal, Center for Integrative Oncology Switzerland
Expert in mistletoe and hyperthermia

Prof Mike Barnes, Medical cannabinoid expert
Prof Gil Bar-Sela, Emek Medical Center

Prof Thomas Seyfried, Cancer as a Metabolic Disease

Dr Scott Sherr, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
Dr Aryan Tavakkoli, Quantum Clinic

Dr Nasha Winters
Dr Elizabeth Thompson, National Centre for Integrative Medicine UK
Hormones, sugar, sex, stress

Dr Patrick Hanaway, Integrative and functional medicine

Dawn Waldron, Nutrigenomics
Emma Beswick, Lifecode Gx

Mark Bennett, Functional medicine practitioner
Romina Melwani, Mycotherapist practitioner
Medicinal mushrooms

Jane McLelland, How to Starve Cancer
Travis Christofferson, Ketones The Fourth Fuel

Dr Keith Block
Block Center

Dr Valter Longo, Longevity Diet, Fast Mimicking Diet
Miguel Toribio-Mateas, Clinical neuroscientist
Ketogenics, sugar restriction, calorie restriction, protein restriction

Session Sampler - Weekend 2
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