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Safe, Effective & Cheap
Show #320 - Date: 30 Jul 2021

Prof Peter Elwood and Dr Gareth Morgan present their latest findings on the use of aspirin in cancer treatment.

Prof Peter Elwood and Dr Gareth Morgan
Keywords: Aspirin

2 responses to “Safe, Effective & Cheap”

  1. Alan Gardiner says:

    All these publications are very reassuring. Because of earlier publications I have been taking aspirin for the last 6-years on a primary prevention basis and in the hope that if I have any undiagnosed early cancer the aspirin will reduce the likelihood of it spreading beyond the primary. I am 63. I have had slight complications from the aspirin but nothing serious and intend to persist taking it.

    • Robin Daly says:

      Thanks for your comment Alan. Yes it’s great that people such as the team at Cardiff are undertaking this important but unprofitable work on behalf of everyone!


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