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Victoria's Promise

The Victoria’s Promise charity was founded to fulfil a promise; a promise of someone so brave, caring and warm that it has inspired a movement – that person is Victoria Van der Westhuizen. Having lost her father and grandmother to cancer and watched her mother battle through to eventually beat it, Victoria vowed to fight back.

Tragically, before she was given the opportunity to achieve her goals and just two months after diagnosis, Vicki lost her own valiant battle with the disease. Victoria’s Promise now stands as a beacon of light and hope; a legacy to continue the care and warmth that Victoria embodied.

Victoria’s Promise have dedicated themselves to providing care in areas that are currently grossly under catered for.  Victoria’s Promise and their partners are pioneering training and supportive services so that we can hand hold young women throughout their cancer journey and give them every chance of the best possible outcome. Whilst ensuring the journey back to health is as small an ordeal as it possibly can be.

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