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Victoria's Promise

Having witnessed first-hand the unique challenges that young women face when they are given a cancer diagnosis, Victoria’s Promise was born to fulfil the promise Victoria asked her family to make – to find ways to support and empower young women, and their family, through their cancer journey and beyond.

Victoria’s Promise offers nationwide and local support to young women aged between 18 and 50.

Their in-person support services are for women who have been diagnosed with cancer, are undergoing treatment or have completed treatment, at specific local hospitals in Hampshire, and feel support for them, and their immediate family, will ease the challenges they’re facing and empower them through their experience. These services are critical to the health, physical and mental wellbeing and outcome for women with cancer. They look at the whole, and ensure that there is a practical, impactful and enjoyable service available to deal with the challenges synonymous with a cancer diagnosis

Nationally, they offer community support via the Victoria’s Promise App. Locally in North Hampshire, they offer in-person support services for young women diagnosed and/or treated for cancer at specific local hospitals.

The Victoria’s Promise App is a private community app available to women everywhere aged between 18 and 50. The Community App offers the opportunity to connect with other women of similar age and similar lifestyle, who truly get what they are going through, for friendship and support, so that they feel a community spirit with those on a similar journey to themselves. Not only do they have this community for the VP Ladies, but their families are welcome to join their own private ‘rooms’ (Husband/ Partner, Mothers, Fathers and Siblings private chat) to connect with other family members of women going through a similar journey.

The App offers a wealth of helpful resources including a library of videos giving advice, tips and information. Live coffee mornings to have informal chats on all kinds of topics as well as the introduction of in-person get togethers across the country.

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