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Issels Therapy
Also Known As:
Holistic Comprehensive Immunotherapy

Not intended to replace conventional treatment, Issels Therapy operates to simultaneously treat the conditions that lead to cancer by detoxification and supplementation in tandem with a wide regime of therapies aimed at treating the whole person.


Issels Therapy is based on the concept that malignant tumours do not develop within a healthy body that has an intact defence and repair function. The tumours develop in a special internal environment which helps promote their growth and can continue even after removal of the tumour. Therapy includes: detoxification, nutritional support, vaccines, supplementation of vitamins, minerals and enzymes, chelation therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, counselling, oxygen/ozone therapy, and light therapy. The therapy is not meant to replace conventional care, but to be used with it, placing equal importance on the removal of the tumour itself and on treating the cause and conditions that lead to its growth to stop reoccurrences.

Dr. Josef Issels founded the first hospital in Europe specialising in the immunobiological treatment of cancer in 1951, where he was the Medical Director and Director of Research. Here he treated more than 15,000 patients with advanced cancers of the breast, prostate, uterus, lung, liver, brain, colon, lymphomas, sarcomas and leukaemia, many of whom had exhausted conventional treatments. In 1970 the hospital expanded from 80 to 120 patient beds and had to expand its extensive research facilities such as the immunological, microbiological and dental departments, as well as the hyperthermia department. The hospital’s programmes included research on tumour vaccines, mycoplasma vaccines, and bacterial vaccines inducing fever, hyperthermia and nutritional immunotherapy. During the years from 1981 to 1987, Dr Issels was an expert member and advisor to the Commission of the German Federal Government in the Fight Against Cancer. He published three monographs and presented many papers to national and international medical congresses.


US dollar 2000-3000. 3 months treatment. Not included: flights, accommodation, purchasing a fruit and vegetable juicer.

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