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Pfeifer Prostate Protocol

Pfeifer’s Prostate Protocol is a therapy of natural health supplements which include herbs, glyco-nutrients, vitamins and minerals which are in the form of commercially available food supplements. The vitamins replenish the body’s depleted resources aiding with prostate function and health. An anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compound is taken to aid with absorption and a blend of herbs replicates that of many synthetic drugs, inhibiting the growth of tumour cells. A powerful immune booster is taken to stimulate the activity of natural killer cells which are responsible for our immune system defence.


Pfeifer’s Protocol is a therapy of natural health supplements which include herbs, glyco-nutrients, vitamins and minerals. These come in the commercial form of: Immupros – Vitamins C, E and D3, Zinc, Calcium, Selenium, Ginseng, Lycopene and green tea. These replenish the body s depleted vitamins and minerals, aiding with prostate function and health. Curcumin Complex contains turmeric which is a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compound, resveratol, a plant compound derived from red grapes and black pepper to aids with absorption.

Prostasol, a herbal food preparation containing saw palmetto, pygeum, reish, beta sisterol, ginger, nettles, skullcap and other compounds. This blend of herb has an action that replicates that of many synthetic drugs, inhibiting the growth of tumour cells. Biobran is a natural food preparation derived from pre-digested rice bran which have been exposed to Shiitake mushroom enzymes. This powerful immune booster stimulates the activity of T and B cells, particularly the NK (natural killer) cells which form our first line of immune defence. Sometimes Dr. Pfeifer adds TMAZ zeolite, a powdered mineral supplement that boosts immune function, to assist patients that are not responding well to his therapy.


Professor Pfeifer, a Swiss oncologist, is Director of Clinical Research at Aeskulap Clinic in Switzerland. Around 10 years ago he started investigating plant-based medicines, phytotherapy and their effects. In 2005, Pfeifer and his colleague Ulrich Kratzer published a clinical evaluation of Prostasol which was based on 175 patients. Two-thirds had recorded significant reduction in PSA and tumour size. Professor Tim Oliver, a urologist at St. Bartholomew’s and the Royal London NHS Trust in the UK, ran a small trial treating 10 patients with advanced prostate cancer.


British pound 400 – 500 . One month supply of supplements. Taken until PSA level drops when dosages are reduced. Consultation fees extra.

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